World-class education and training for industry » Cambridge Victoria College
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What we do

We provide world-class education and training for industry. Our courses typically offer:

  • Insights into new developments in research from leading academic experts at the University of Cambridge and elsewhere
  • Practical advice on the state of the art in business from cutting-edge industry practitioners
  • Interaction and discussion with academic and industry experts (giving you the chance to put your own questions!)
  • Residential accommodation, close to the centre of this historic town
  • A certificate at the conclusion of the course
  • A gala dinner toward the conclusion of the course
  • The chance to participate in the cultural life of Cambridge via a guided walking tour and/or chauffered punting trip

Full details can be found in the information about our specific courses.

Events & Conferences

We offer custom training courses and conferences, each one tailored and designed for individual clients.